Just A Thought

Dare to Believe

How often have you looked at the limitations in life rather than the numerous opportunities? There are multiple contributions that form our beliefs on what is possible, such as life experiences, upbringing, current measure of faith, past traumas, view of one’s self, fear of failure, inability to handle rejection, unresolved previous disappointments or a current mental, spiritual or emotional condition. The list can go on and on. We can either let these factors be a tsunami that drowns us or a mountain that can be moved. Dare to consider that you can speak to the mountain and tell it to step aside.

Think about it—what things have you been talking about doing for the last ten years but have not made any significant strides in accomplishing? On the flip side, how many things have you impulsively done that left you feeling empty and more frustrated than when you started? Procrastination is often a camouflage for fear and conversely, acting in haste can be a smokescreen for lack of control and overcompensation for your insecurities. Reacquaint yourself with balance in your life; there is a middle ground between the two approaches called discernment.

Yes, there is such a thing as being realistic, but whose reality are you basing it on, yours or God’s? Dare to imagine and believe beyond your current state of affairs. Be willing to reimagine your path with a new set of lenses, giving you ‘new vision’. Yes, I said a new set. Sometimes the lenses you’re wearing can’t be repaired, because they are too broken, scratched or mangled. Maybe your prescription has changed and you keep straining to envision God through expired lenses. A new set may be needed in order for God to work anew in you this season.

Respect boundaries; however, be free to embrace new parameters. Don’t be a string when God is trying to stretch you like a rubber band. Don’t mistake the muddy waters you may have to travel through as cement. Don’t be afraid to get out of the revolving door and step into your destiny. Don’t let the gratitude and appreciation for where you are lure you into a state of stagnation. Don’t make false claims of contentment and satisfaction while secretly harboring regret.

Be honest and true with yourself. What dream have you deferred? What purpose have you allowed to be compromised? What God-given assignment have you abandoned? This reflection is for acknowledgement purposes only. There is no time for self-criticism; don’t waste your energy there. Turn your focus and attention to the matter at hand and get going. It’s never too late. Today is the best day to start. You don’t need to race in an effort to catch up. This is not a sprint, just a conscious decision to move forward with prayer, precision and purpose. 

Simply put one foot in front of the other and press forward. Forward I said, not behind! Your head must be faced in the direction that you are going or you may stumble and fall. Even when going forward you may trip sometimes or experience setbacks. However, if you pick yourself up, dust yourself off and keep pressing on towards your goal, God will give you all that you need for the journey as you need it.  Finally, if no one has told you yet, I would like to be the first to say, “I know you can make it”. Dare to believe all the possibilities. Just a thought. ADaubon 7/18/21

Closed Doors

Often when things don’t work out the way we desire, we get stuck standing at the door. That door might represent relationships, opportunities or anything that left you feeling disappointed. Too often, those disappointments stir up unresolved issues of rejection. 

How do you respond to the closed doors in your life? Do you stand there staring at the door rehearsing how the door closed in the first place? Do you continue to daydream about what’s on the other side of the door? Do you long for the door to open or contemplate manipulating how to get the door open?  Do you consider maybe, no matter how much you wanted the door to open, that was not the right door for you? Perhaps by walking away from the closed door it may lead you to a door that exceeds what you originally desired.

When doors are closed in our life it could be the wrong time or the wrong door. If it was a door that was once open and is now closed, it could be a sign that the chapter is over and a new one is beginning. Whatever the reason we have to trust God. Believe that God has plans for our life. They don’t always line up with your plans, timing or desires, but His plans for us are always best. 

Only God really knows why certain doors are closed in our life. Ask Him for clarity and be ready to accept His leading. In the meantime, don’t lose hope. Don’t allow yourself to become stagnant. Never let the closed doors in your life paralyze you from continuing to explore all that God has for you. Dust yourself off and continue to press on. Just a thought. ADaubon 1/9/21