If you ever pursued anything in life, you know the great satisfaction when you receive it. Well the Lord is there waiting for you to embrace Him. Seek Him more fervently than you ever sought anyone or anything before. Willingly give yourself to Him and embrace the outpouring of His love and providential care. Give Him all of your cares and concerns. Believe that He can provide all that you need. Trust Him to intervene from dangers seen and unseen. It is time to press beyond all that you’ve allowed to hinder you from drawing closer to God. He is omnipresent, He is always with us. Silence the distractions in your life that keep you bound and cry out to God while He is found. It is time to run into the loving arms of God. He hears all of our cries. Those that don’t know Him, it is time to welcome Him into your heart. Those that do know Him, it is time to draw closer to Him. None of us can make it through life and all the challenges we will encounter without Him. He will give you the strength to continue to press on and walk in victory. Let everyone seek Him and cry out to Him to receive the greatest reward ever, everlasting life. Make the call and stay connected. ADaubon

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