He Hears You

God we praise you because you are good and your mercies endureth forever. We thank you because you love and care for us. You give us strength in times of trouble. You light our paths in the midst of darkness. You calm the raging seas. You sustain our lives and regulate our minds. You provide comfort to all those who cry out to you. Your wisdom is undeniably greater than all the wise men in the world. We pray for all the nations’ leaders today, speak to them and through them. God we intercede right now on behalf of the land. Deliver us from all that seeks to steal, kill and destroy. Stir up all those who call upon your name to bombard the throne with petitions and praise. Let all your children be examples of faith during this time. Work through us to be living epistles of your goodness and your grace. Let us rise up in the authority that you have given us, as we pray for the land. God we know that you see all, hear all and can deliver us from all that seeks to overtake us. We trust that you will sustain us, as you have done before. We thank you for hearing our cry and responding to our pleas. In Jesus name, Amen. ADaubon

1 thought on “He Hears You

  1. Veronica Lowman-Griffin

    Thank you my Sister for such an encouraging message and prayer. Love you and my family infinitely…



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