Finding Your Identity: You are a child of a King. When people see you, they should see a reflection of your Father in heaven. The resemblance of Him should be crystal clear for all to see. Watch your words and your actions and make sure they are in alignment with the characteristics of God that now dwells on the inside of you. When you know who you are, you won’t allow others to make you feel anything less. When you know who you represent, you won’t display anything that will take away from your witness. We are all human and don’t always get it right, but hold onto the image of God with all your might. You should be a mirror image of Him and all His attributes. When others see you do they see an illumination of the God that you serve? When you self-reflect, do you see the image of God? If not, readjust your mirror (change position), wipe it off (repent), and look again (embrace forgiveness). You wouldn’t leave the house without taking at least one glimpse in a mirror. We should start each day with seeking God and asking Him to help us to be a replica of Him in thought, word and deed. Look in the mirror. What do you see?

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