Fair-Weather Friends

During the most challenging time in Job’s life he was greatly disappointed in those whom he considered to be his closest friends. When he looked for compassion, encouragement and comfort he was met with everything but. Job stood up to them and let them know how they had failed at being true friends. Often in life we will be let down by individuals whom we expect to be there for us. There can be many reasons why people miss the mark when we need them most. Maybe, they are going through things of their own or because of their lack of understanding as to what God is doing in your life they are unable to effectively be a supportive friend. Sometimes God removes individuals from our life on purpose, so we can learn to rely on Him instead of our closest allies. When God reveals the character of those around you, believe it. Hold no grudges because we all miss the mark sometimes in life. Don’t become bitter, for that is not the will of God. Forgive and keep living. Most importantly be kind and don’t ever stop allowing God to love others through you. Be the type of friend that you desire.

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