Assurance For The Journey

The task given to Paul certainly was no walk in the park. He was persecuted and faced many challenges. He was an unlikely candidate to have such an effective evangelistic ministry. In spite of his past history and prior persecution of believers God chose Him as a forerunner in the faith. First, God uses whom he chooses. We can never discount anyone. For none of us are worthy. He calls us in spite of all our flaws. Secondly, just as God gave Paul assurance for the assignment and calling on his life, the same provision is for those whom He calls today. When God gives us an assignment He foreknew all the difficulties we would encounter. Often we are sent to places where we face great opposition. Nevertheless, if God has sent you, He will certainly give provision and protection for the journey. Paul was faithful to his assignment because of his absolute love for Christ and his divine encounter with Him. He fulfilled the tasks assigned to him with joy and a reverent heart, regardless of the obstacles. He stood on the promises of God that He would be with him and that He had prepared the way. We too, can stand on the promises of God. Wherever God charts your course, trust Him to clear the path for victory. Say yes to the journey and let Him get the glory.

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