Condition of the Heart

There will be many things that influence us in life. Experiences that impact us and cause us to respond and react in certain ways. If we are not careful, overtime events and circumstances can wear and tear on your heart. Some hearts become hardened and others too soft. The condition of your heart directly impacts how you live your life. It determines how you respond and treat others. It alters your ability to feel and give compassion. When your heart is filled with regret, remorse, pain, anger, resentment and is compounded by negative thoughts and emotions, you will leave a trail of hurt and pain as you journey through life. You can become cold and uncaring. The damage you cause can be insurmountable. When your heart is filled with the love of God, forgiveness, acceptance, empathy, gratitude, patience, and a genuine desire to be an example and conduit of God’s grace, your life will be a reflection of Him who created you. There is so much in this world that will tempt you to harden your heart and distance yourself, but He overcame the world, so you can overcome the world. Don’t let the world influence your heart. Let your heart influence the world. It’s time to do a heart check. Pray to God to heal your heart and remove from the root anything that hinders you from displaying authentic Godly love, so your life can produce the right fruit. ADaubon

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