My Rock

In life when you go through the valleys and hills, trust in God’s sovereign will. He will be a solid rock, on whom you can stand. All things will work out according to His master plan. We have to put our trust in God, with all our heart and mind. He is the most dependable source you will ever find. When everything around you seems unstable and you are on uncertain ground, believe that God can turn things around. When all around you trembles and falls, He will firmly hold you in place. There is nothing that can separate you, from His loving embrace. Don’t give in to the feelings of loneliness, for you are not in this alone. God is with you, because you are His very own. You are His child that He loves so very much. You are in a covenant relationship with Him that the enemy cannot touch. Find comfort in knowing He is covering you. Stay encouraged, He will see you through. ADaubon

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