Fill My Cup Lord

When your emotions vacillate and you are fighting against the feelings of despair, call on God for He is near. Remember all that God has done, for He has proven to be faithful. Don’t be intimidated by the storms around you, remain under His wings and keep still. Listen to Him as He guides you in the right direction. In His presence there is total protection. Take heed to God’s instructions, trust that He knows the way. He sees your heart and hears you when you pray. Although you may not always understand everything, trust that your life is in His hands. He will guide you down the path that He has planned. If you are feeling empty and are on the brink of giving up, allow God to overflow your cup. Be confident that God can fill you with everything that you need from above. He can infuse you with gladness, peace, joy, power, strength and love. Remain in Him and embrace all the benefits that He provides. You are not alone, for He is by you side. Stay in His presence and be encouraged. ADaubon

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