Just as the sun rises and sets every day, you can find comfort in knowing troubles don’t last always. When you are in the midst of a storm and going through difficult times rest in the grace of God. You are a beneficiary of God’s favor. No matter how much the situation you are going through attempts to break you and tear you down, God will preserve you. Every area you feel damaged and broken, He is faithful to restore. He will rebuild you with His loving hands. He will mend what was torn and repair all that has been worn. When you feel weak as if you are withering away, He will rise up within you and give you unimaginable strength and power. When your feelings are on a downslope and you think that you have failed, He will pull you up and firmly plant you on solid ground. Be encouraged today that no matter what you are going through, this will not be your demise. You will land on your feet whole. Remain firmly rooted in God and trust that He is faithful to His word. He is the cure for all that you will ever endure. Stay encouraged. ADaubon

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