Get Ready For The New You

When things don’t appear as we desire, it can become discouraging. You may even have feelings of giving up, especially when what is in front of you seems impossible to be done. Just when you think the journey ahead is too difficult to pursue, God is about to do something new. He will clear every stumbling block that stands in your way. He can tear down walls and breakthrough barriers that attempt to block your path. He can fill every area where you feel depleted and breathe new life into all that seems unsalvageable. There is nothing impossible for God. Let Him revive all your goals, hopes, dreams and aspirations. Let Him re-energize your passions you left behind in frustration. Reconsider a path that you allowed yourself to be deterred from because you were intimidated by the perceived obstacles ahead. Just when you think it is over, God says it has only just begun. Keep an open mind and be sensitive to the move of God. He has done great things for you in the past. Now He is about to blow a fresh wind over you. Reflect on all that He has done and wait with expectation for what He is about to do. He has great things in store. Don’t give up. It is about to turn around. ADaubon

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