Trusting In You

God when we are frightened, help us to anchor our faith in You. When fear seeks to overtake us, we know you will bring us through. We will not be overcome by anxiety, worry or defeat, for we know there is no battle that you cannot beat. We will not be paralyzed by terror, for we know what you are capable of. Instead of being consumed with feelings of doom we look to you above. Father please have your way and move on our behalf. We need you to show us the way and direct our path. Give us wisdom from on high so we can take heed. You know our every desire and you see all our needs. Help us to trust you beyond what we hear and see. We believe in your faithfulness and reliability. We have confidence that you will see us through and we will survive what we face today. Give us the strength we need as we humble ourselves and pray. Our faith and hope is firmly rooted in your providential care. Let your mercy flow throughout the land as you hear our prayers. In Jesus name, Amen. ADaubon

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