Guard Your Mind

When it seems as if the winds are raging around you and things appear to be out of control, it can become a trigger for feelings of anxiety and stress. Anxiety can be an intense sense of worry, fear of the unknown or constant thoughts of something bad occurring. Anxious thoughts will come, but how you respond to them is important to your spiritual and mental health. Take time to clear your mind and relax. Don’t over stress about things you cannot change and make the necessary steps to change what you can. What you allow to take root, will produce fruit. Meet your fears with faith. Develop healthy habits that promote a positive mindset. Give God all your concerns regarding the past, present and future. Trust that He is able to handle all that comes your way. You don’t have to carry your burdens alone. In fact, give Him your burdens, it’s not too heavy for Him. Pray, seek God and trust Him to take care of all that troubles you and makes you anxious. He will not let you down. Center your thoughts on Him and let Him guard your mind. Stay encouraged. ADaubon

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