Walking in Faith

Though you may be leery of what is ahead, don’t allow fear to immobilize you. You must keep pressing forward in spite of the obstacles in your way. Often things are strategically placed in your path by your adversary as an attempt to derail you, don’t fall for the trap. Trust in God completely with all your heart and mind. Wherever God leads you, He will clear your path. Don’t let disbelief and discouragement cause you to have doubt. Believe in God, even when everything around you seems like a contradiction to what He has promised. Let your faith rise up and stand firm until what He has spoken over your life manifests. God can do the miraculous, even if it doesn’t look like it right now. Don’t give up before it happens. God will deliver you from all that overwhelms you. Think on everything that seeks to make you fret and say, “God is not done yet.” Stay encouraged. ADaubon

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