Prayer of Mercy

God we pray for your mercy for all those who are afflicted today. Heal aching bodies and yearning hearts. Deliver those who are in physical agony and emotional stress. Open airways and reduce fevers. Deliver all those who are ailing and give them the strength to continue to press on. Ease anxiety and provide a peace that surpasses understanding. Increase the faith of those who are weary and feel like giving up. Move mountains with their mustard seed faith. Deliver communities and cities across the world. Save us from all that seeks to devour us and steal our hope. We cry out to you with hearts of repentance to heal the land. We declare that you are a healer, deliverer, restorer and lifter of our heads. You hear the prayers of your people and are faithful to transform that which looks impossible into miracles. You can turn situations around that have been deemed unchangeable. You help us to reach what is considered unattainable. Touch hearts, bodies and minds right now. Restore, revive and renew us to a better state than we were before. Make us stronger, wiser and draw us closer to you. We believe there is nothing you cannot do. You see our groaning hearts and know all our cares. We stand firm in our faith and believe that you will answer all our prayers. In Jesus name, Amen. ADaubon

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