Light In Darkness

If you are feeling low today, trust that everything will be alright. There is no situation too dark, that God cannot light. Nothing is too grim, that He cannot shine through. He will come into the darkness and redeem you. He will meet you at your lowest places and bring you out. That’s what His love is all about. Perhaps your thoughts are cloudy and you just can’t seem to find your way. Then the time is now, no more delay. You can be free from depression and free from pain. It’s available if you want it, just call on His name. Some may say, it’s just not that easy. But let us remember, He came to set us free. He came to make us whole, not for anything to have a hold on us. In order for us to walk in the light, deliverance is a must. It’s readily available to all who desire. Take His hand and let Him take you higher. There is greatness in you, that you can’t find in the darkness. Surrender your all to Him and be blessed. ADaubon

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