Monday Meditation

Many sorrows come to the wicked, but unfailing love surrounds those who trust the Lord. Psalm 32:10 (NLT) We should never envy the wicked, when it appears they are doing well in spite of their evil deeds. We shouldn’t gloat over their demise either, but rather focus on the Lord and place all our hope in Him. Seek to do what is morally right at all times. Pursue God and His righteousness in all that you do and say. Pray for those who seek to do harm towards others, intercede on their behalf. As we meditate on the verse of the week, let us consider our actions and words. Let your life be an expression of your faith. Trust God and bask in His overwhelming love that engulfs you. Ask God for healing from every encounter you’ve had with those who have tried to make you suffer or treated you wrong. Ask God to remove the pain caused by hurtful experiences from those with evil intentions. Remember you are safe from the plans of the enemy, because you are covered by the unfailing love of God. Believe God to hold you and everything that concerns you in the palm of His hands. Get free and embrace this next level of your life with a new mindset. Let’s go and grow together. ADaubon

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