Monday Meditation

Lord as I meditate on your word today, I pray my life will represent you in every way. Search and cleanse me as you prune my heart. Hold me together when I’m falling apart. Reignite my passion and rekindle my fire. Your will for my life is all that I desire. If I should stray lead me back in the right direction. When others see me let them see you in my reflection. I’m so grateful that you stripped me from all that was old and made me new again. You transformed my life and forgave all my sins. My life is an example of your love and grace. My heart belongs to you and no one can ever take your place. Help me to live a life that truly loves others the way you’ve loved me. Let your love flow through me unconditionally. Let my heart be a replica of yours as I strive to live a life pleasing unto you. I’ve surrendered my life to you and I know you’ll see me through. Thank you for your new mercies that continue to flow. I seek your face daily as I go and grow. ADaubon

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