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Let Peace Reign

And let the peace that comes from Christ rule in your hearts. For as members of one body you are called to live in peace. And always be thankful. (Col. 3:15 NLT) We all have to look deep within ourselves and really evaluate what really influences our thoughts, actions, feelings and emotions. The peace of God is greater than the superficial peace that the things of the world provide. The true peace of God resonates deep in your heart and promotes unity. We can celebrate each of our differences while functioning as one. We don’t have to all look, walk or talk alike, to function as a cohesive group. If you are unable to move forward in love peacefully, take a good look and see what’s ruling your heart. ADaubon

Prayer for Peace

God in the midst of heightened emotions and feelings of uneasiness, we welcome your spirit of peace. Let your spirit rest, rule and abide deep within us. We give you all the concerns of our hearts and every thought that weighs heavy on our minds. We denounce the spirit of heaviness, anxiety, worry or anguish and invite calmness, serenity and joy into our atmosphere. Let us find peace in your presence and relief in the shelter of your arms. Regulate our emotions, as we partake in your comfort and embrace your rest. Thank you for keeping us in the palm of your hands at all times. Thank you for making us whole and complete. In Jesus name, Amen. ADaubon

Gift of Peace

The Lord will keep you. He will help you to stand and he will sustain you. He will strengthen you and give you stability. He sees all that you are going through and will attend to your every concern, even the ones you are unable to verbalize. The Lord will be gracious towards you. His kindness, forgiveness and compassion continuously flows towards you. The Lord sees you. You are not alone, nor are you forgotten. The Lord will give you the peace that you need. He is the prince of peace. If your heart is heavy today, stand on the promises of God and enter into his sovereign rest. Be uplifted. ADaubon