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Monday Meditation

“God makes his people strong. God gives his people peace.” Psalm 29:11 (MSG) Today, we are faced with so many uncertainties. There is disease in the land, economic disparities, prevalent racial tension and unknown and known enemies that seek to threaten our way of life and peace of mind. But in the midst of everything that seeks to strip you of your strength and rob you of your joy, don’t give up. Don’t let your emotions and sense of security be reliant upon anything other than God. Keep your hope in Him. He is the source of all your resources and He is concerned about everything that concerns you. He desires that you experience true peace in your life. This week as we reflect on this verse, remember when you feel weak, He will give you the power to persevere. When our emotions are under attack, He gives you peace beyond comprehension. With God, peace and power is available to you now. Give Him all that is weighing you down and watch Him move on your behalf. You’ve come too far, to give up now. Let’s go and grow together. ADaubon