Watch The Company You Keep

There will be many people who try to attach themselves to you for various reasons. Some may be sincere, but others may be seeking personal gain. There are people who are on assignment in your life by God to uplift and support you on your journey. Others may be on a whole different mission and are allowing the enemy to use them to wreak havoc in your life. Be prayerful regarding the company you keep and those whom you allow in your personal space and inner circle. Stop entertaining relationships that you know are not beneficial to your spiritual or emotional growth and overall well-being. Be careful who you allow to pour into your life with their words or actions. Take inventory of those whom you give your time and energy. Don’t allow yourself to be led astray by the snares of the enemy. Refuse to be lured into activities that are in opposition to who God desires you to be. By no means does this imply that you act like you are better than anyone. Simply make better choices.

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