All Things Are Possible

Do not quit before you get your breakthrough. If we judge by what we think, see and feel, we can become disheartened. Don’t give up, what may seem impossible for you is God’s opportunity to do the miraculous. Don’t allow anyone to set limits on you, don’t set limits on yourself, and never put God in a box. God can breathe life back into all that you have considered to be over. It is not over until God says it is over. God can open doors that appear nailed shut. He can bring to pass what some have told you would never happen. He can extend your life when all the medical opinions say otherwise. He can confound the doctors and leave all the doubters dumbfounded. Those that counted you out will be in awe of what the Lord does on your behalf. Give God the most challenging circumstances and struggles in your life and watch God move. Declare and believe God will do the unimaginable in your life. He is faithful. In your darkest moment, He will be the light. He can turn any situation around. Keep the faith. Hold on and don’t let go. Watch God do the impossible.

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