He Gives Joy

When my heart feels overwhelmed and anxious thoughts arise, you are faithful to calm the storms that rage around me. Your encouragement sets me free. Freedom from worry and all that seeks to consume my heart and mind. In you, relief and restoration I always find. You display your compassion and reassure me deep within. In you is where the source of my joy and true happiness begins. The jubilation you provide is not dependent on my circumstances or anything that I will ever face. You give me the strength I need and desire to continue to run this race. Your comfort and support fortifies my life. It helps me to stand strong, in the face of any tribulation or strife. I walk unbound and liberated from all the attempts to bring me down. I am completely dependent on you, for your consolation will always abound. Because of your everflowing grace I will rise above every obstacle and cares of the day. You are my God, the source of my peace of mind, today and always. ADaubon

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