Eyes For You Only

Center your heart, mind and emotions on the Lord. Set your sights on Him and Him alone. Give Him your undivided attention. Let your affection and admiration be fixed upon Him. Let Him be the center of your world and watch Him handle everything around you. Don’t allow yourself to be distracted or discouraged by the cares of the world. No matter what you see with your natural eye, don’t begin to doubt. He knows and sees everything that you will ever encounter. He will sustain you and cause you not to fall. He will keep you steady and stable. Your will not fold under the pressures you face. Trust Him to protect you and save you at all times. He is more than able to shield you and make you stronger. He will preserve and protect you. He will take care of all that concerns you. There is no need to shiver, you are safe and secure in the Master’s hands. As long as you have God, you have more than you will ever need. You will not be shaken, because He is forever by your side. Him with you, is greater than the whole world against you. Stay encouraged. ADaubon

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