Mercy Begets Mercy

In this season of so much uncertainty, it is a great opportunity to show compassion and extend forgiveness. Display concern, kindness and goodwill towards others. Find a unique and special way to encourage someone else and be a blessing to them. Open your heart to see the need of someone else. Maybe it’s just a word of encouragement or a kind act, find a way to make a difference in the life of another. Release all bitterness and anger and find it within yourself to truly love the way God loves you, unconditionally. When we are pressed by the pressures of life, it squeezes out of us what lies deep within, good or bad. Don’t let the stress and cares of the world cause you to become cold, bitter or cranky. Take this opportunity to examine your heart and mind and seek to reflect the agape love you so graciously have received. Show mercy and be blessed. ADaubon

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