Prayer for Essential Workers

God we pray for all the essential workers and employees who are critical to the day-to-day operations of our society. Cover and protect all those who put their lives at stake everyday to make a difference. We pray as they continue to pour out daily, you will restore and rejuvenate them. As they seek to meet the needs of others, please meet all their needs. Let there be no lack in their households and may all their families have a continuous flow of provision. Give them encouragement, when they feel discouraged. Give them strength, when they feel weary. When they see the worst and have to witness the devastation of things unimaginable, help them to process that which they have experienced and guard their hearts and minds. Lord, let them know that you have equipped them with all that they need to accomplish the tasks before them. Honor their service, for they are instruments of your love and mercy. When they reach their homes after a long day or night of work, help them to de-stress and relax. Give them sweet, peaceful rest. Help us to show our gratitude for them and continue to lift them up in prayer. We stand on your promise that you will empower and reward them for their dedication. Thank you for taking care of them, as they unselfishly take care of us. Thank you for strengthening us all for the journey ahead. In the Jesus name, Amen. ADaubon

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