Prayer for the Nations

God we pray for unity amongst our nations and world leaders. Let your goodness rise in all branches of government throughout the world. Let them come together on one accord to have order and effective global leadership. Help them look beyond differences in opinions and beliefs, to do what is right, just and good. We pray for clarity and direction, for those who are in decision making positions. Seal cracks in fragmented national relationships. Show them how to come together for a common cause and the greater good. May your grace and mercy flow to them and through them. Give them wisdom and insight. Let everything be done in decency and in order. Use them in spite of themselves. Inspire all your children across the globe to rise up and call upon your name day and night. Humble all prideful, arrogant and haughty hearts and mindsets. Encourage those who stand for integrity to not get weary in well doing. We acknowledge that all power belongs to you and you alone. You are the king of kings and lord of lords. We place all our trust in you. We give you all the praise, honor and glory. In Jesus name, Amen.

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