Our Help

God we look to you in times of adversity. You are the maker of heaven and earth and you attend to the needs of all your creation. See our hearts and hear our cries. While there are so many things seeking our attention, we look to you. Help us to keep our focus on you and silence the noise around us. Help us to keep our hearts anchored in you. You are our rock and sustainer. We seek your face for direction, guidance, power, strength, protection and healing. You comfort us when we are hurting. You uplift us when we are falling and keep our minds when anxious thoughts arise. You provide, when our resources have become scarce. You fill our cup, when we are thirsty. You keep us stable, when we feel like falling. Everything we need is found in you. You know our needs before we knew we had a need. You know our thoughts, before we verbalize them. You know us intimately. As we seek your face, search our hearts and minds and meet us at our place of need. Thank you for being Jehovah Jireh, the Lord who provides. You are our ever-present help. We stand on your promises and give you our total attention. In Jesus name, Amen. ADaubon

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