Monday Meditation

This vision is for a future time. It describes the end, and it will be fulfilled. If it seems slow in coming, wait patiently, for it will surely take place. It will not be delayed. Hab. 2:3 (NLT) God has a plan and purpose for your life. Ask God to give your clarity. He will not leave you in the dark regarding His plans for you. He will lead you step by step to the designated place preordained for you. Resist the temptation to move in haste due to impatience. Don’t allow the time of waiting make you doubt the vision God gave you. Avoid the pitfall of discouragement that may try to bait you to throw in the towel. Even in moments of disappointment maintain a steady pace. When you’re getting closer to your goal or purpose often all havoc breaks loose in your life. That is a distraction intended to slow you down or stop you in your tracks. Too often we quit right before we get our breakthrough. Don’t give up before it comes to pass. Keep the faith, your appointed time is inevitable if you just stay the course. What you are called to do is not just about you, but all those who will be blessed by what God has put in you. Stay committed, don’t let anything put your fire out and keep pressing forward. Let’s go and grow together. ADaubon

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